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Les 5e latinistes découvrent la ville gallo-romaine d’Aregenua

mardi 28 avril 2015, par O. Masseron.

Jeudi 2 avril, les 5e latinistes se sont rendus à Vieux, malgré le carnaval étudiant, pour découvrir le musée et les sites archéologiques de la ville gallo-romaine d’Aregenua, capitale des Viducasses pendant la domination romaine.
De retour au collège, ils ont raconté leur journée en anglais, pour leurs correspondants espagnols, grecs et roumains. Bonne lecture !

The gallo-roman town of Aregenua

On April the 2d, we went to the village of Vieux, the ancient roman city of Aregenua.

We visited the archeological museum. It’s not very big, but nice and interesting.

We watched a movie about the ruins and the excavations in Vieux.

There is a plan of the ancient city with different buildings : a theater, therms (roman baths), houses, a forum (city center), a temple...

We saw a statue of a goddess and columns made of sculpted stone.

There are a lot of ancient objects found in Vieux : keys, coins, toys (marbles, dices, tokens…), plates, spoons, jewels, hair needles, a horse shoe…

We also visited the ruins of two houses.

One of them is very big. There are many rooms. There is a heating system under the floor. We saw a statue of the goddess Venus in the entrance. It was the house of a rich man, next to the forum.

We played a game in the big house. It was very interesting.

The other one was smaller.

We had a very good day !


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